Always Know your Exact Location

Always know your exact latitude and longitude underwater. Includes detailed maps of underwater terrain (where available). Navimate™ can guide you back to your dive boat so you never get lost!

Mark Interesting Dive Locations

Mark an interesting location so you can return to the exact spot on a future dive. Computer interface allows saving of marked points and downloading of new maps.

Communicate with Your Buddy

Shows position of your dive buddies when they have Navimate™. Share air pressure information and send SOS.



Because GPS signals are not directly receivable under water, Navimate™ functions through use of a small unit that is most commonly hung from a dive boat or buoy (the “GPS gateway”).


The GPS gateway has a floating radio antenna in order to determine its exact location, and communicates with the wrist units via its underwater transducer portion, using acoustic signals. As a result of this communication, the wrist units know their range and bearing from the GPS gateway, as well as the exact position of the gateway.


This allows the wrist units to calculate their own absolute position, independent of the position or motion of the GPS gateway. The gateway or the boat to which it may be attached is free to drift without affecting the position displayed by Navimate™. The position is displayed on the Navimate™ screen both as latitude and longitude values as well as a “dot”.



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